Pittsburgh Permanent Makeup – Collagen Induction

A wrinkle treatment that really works! It has long lasting effects without destroying the integrity of the skin. This treatment is called Collagen Induction Therapy (CIT), also known as Micro-Needling, and Meta Therapy. This procedure is used to reduce fine, medium and large wrinkles, acne scars/pits caused from acne, chicken pox scars and scars from surgery, discoloration, stretch marks, and trauma scarring. It benefits people with neck, knee, hand and arm wrinkles along with smokers lips and laugh lines. It is simple, safe, and effective.

Here is how it works: In our youth our skin produces collagen and elastin at a more rapid pace which is why young people have wrinkle free, sag free skin. As we age the production of collagen and elastin slow down. The idea behind this therapy is to stimulate your own skin cell regeneration and collagen production in specific areas by creating a perceived injury to the skin. When your brain perceives an injury, it sends collagen and elastin to that area to heal it, which plumps up the skin. By concentrating on only the problem areas, the collagen and elastin rush to those areas and not the surrounding tissue leaving you with a filled in wrinkle or scar. CIT can be used to treat large or small areas and to tighten loose skin. Collagen makes up 70% of the weight of our skin and it is imperative that this element be plentiful and constantly resurfacing itself. Elastin, the other element, gives our skin the ability to stretch and retain the shape. It’s very simple and yet so organic. Your body actually does the repair work during the healing process.

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CIT may be preferred by those who may not like the thought of injections and fillers or for those that want to enhance a medical cosmetic procedure by co-partnering the two for a better end result. In addition, CIT may be more cost effective than other treatments. The price range is from around $150-$250 an average session compared to the cost of other treatments that can be hundreds more or even thousands more once all the sessions are completed. It can be done near the eyes, on the neck and the chest. After numbing the work area, a special needle is inserted into the epidermis of the skin. Tissue adhesion under scars and wrinkles act as a barrier prohibiting collagen and elastin to rise to the surface. CIT gently breaks the bands of tissue that holds the scar and wrinkles down by freeing the skin from these bands, the path for collagen and elastin production is now open with immediate results. This procedure is extremely delicate and should be done by a trained and certified technician. Follow up visits are required 6 to 8 weeks apart. It can take up to 6 visits to treat a specific area such as hardened scars or deep pitted scars and wrinkles. After the first treatment, you will see immediate results. Photos of before and after are always taken.

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After treatment: The after appearance is like a small cat-like scratch on wrinkles and the scars vary according to size and shape. Healing time is usually 1-5 days depending on how deep the wrinkle or scar is. You can resume your normal activities the following day with most treatments. Mineral Makeup can be used 24 hours after the treatment as long as it is a new jar with a disposable applicator. An aftercare treatment plan is then prescribed to maintain your healthy skin, encourage collagen and elastin reproduction and to prevent future skin damage.

Pittsburgh Collagen Induction Therapy

Specific Collagen Induction Therapy (CIT)